Learn Maltese! Loads of free and cheap resources


Very cheap, on different locations in Malta and Gozo. Many levels. Usually from October till June. If the website is in Maltese, click on the English version on the right above if you need it. Check also your local council if they offer other classes, some are for free.
  • Course at the German-Maltese circle (in English, Malta). Quite a high price, I haven't been there but check it out. Informal language, for beginners, no course materials.
  • The Maltese culture movement (London), course starts in January for beginners.


My book on Maltese grammar

Beginning Maltese and Continuing Maltese are good paper books.


  1. Official Online Maltese dictionary: Roots, conjugations and related Maltese words. With translations. Mind to search with the right letters.
  2. Online Maltese dictionary number 2: Very complete dictionary - the best I've found so far. With translations.
  3. Google TranslateNot accurate, but good to translate entire sentences or pages.
  4. Wikipedia: learn how to use Wikipedia to translate nouns in this video

Here's the one I use: decent.

These other ones are available but I haven't tested them:
  1. Concise Maltese-English-Maltese Dictionary
  2. Maltese-English/English-Maltese Dictionary and Phrasebook (other link here)
  3. Maltese phrasebook
  4. English-Maltese dictionary
  5. Kelmet il-Malti

Materials for beginners:

A list of libraries around Malta. You can borrow books there for free. If you’re a beginner, try the children’s books. Some are a bit old and small, but the people are generally nice. 
This site is all about finding teachers to teach you a language via Skype, along with some other resources. 

For advanced students:

  • Malta Right Now and One Malta TV are on Facebook as well.
  • Short Facebook storiesStories written in both proper Maltese and English. It’s regularly updated and easy to follow. 
  • Find Maltese radio stations on TuneIn.

For experts:

  • Facebook groupThis Facebook group answers questions of the Maltese themselves, so it’s quite high-level.
  • Here’s two Facebook groups with short sayings. Here's the other.

Any other interesting resources? Leave a comment!